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Feb 18, 2010

Cheshire Cat

Here's a Cheshire Cat that I finished for the current Chiustream contest.
Still experimenting like crazy with styles, technique and proportions. And loving every part of it!
This painting didin't take more than 4 hrs (back and forth by train on my way to work today)

Not much else has happened today. Just been working on that other contest, drawn some really rough storyboards and started a model sheet of a new character.



  1. just droped by to say hi, you're one good artist :D hope you get allot of votes

    Gromulus from the Kei Acadera contest ;)

  2. I was just perusing the competition and I really liked your version of Cheshire cat. Well done! Great texture and nice job with reflected light.

    -Joe Hox

  3. Found you on the Cheshire Cat contest too. great work! if you don't win, you deserved too. ^_^


  4. i voted on your piece. Very well done!

  5. this was one of my favourites of all the entries :D you have a really cool style


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