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Feb 26, 2010



Caterpillar yeeeeey. Blue tones are hard.
And appearently I need some sleep. Re-uploaded this one to sketchaholic like 6 times, cause it got either sloppily cropped, or the sig got mirrored (ughh..) or such. But now it's there. All proper and... Done at the moment.

Now sleep!
And tomorrow: keep working on the chicken project. Gonna draw a turnaround of a fluffy lil' chick.
Hope everyone's doing well!
Hugs and goodnight.



  1. Came out amazing, Andrea! I love his proportions and silhouette.

  2. :) thankyou for the recognition.
    Its funny because I was showing off your page to my classmates yesterday when going through the past competitions and coming across your Cheshire cat which, absolutely deserved the top stop.

    I wish your Caterpillar luck, it has my vote.

  3. wow.
    just amazing work, hope this wins :D il do my part anyway, love this painting

  4. Andrea, I just found this piece for the caterpillar contest. Honestly, I don't know whether to vote for my own or yours because I enjoy your style so much! Why have you done this to me?!

  5. Heys Noukah, like i said that's a great caterpillar!! did you won? :D

  6. awesome shapes and colors....really cool! :)

  7. Hei! Passing by. Just wanted to say that i absolutely love this pic!
    Take care.

  8. andrea adorei a sua arte, gostaria de dar uma dica para você quando for postar as imagens coloque o seu nome nelas para que sejam indexadas pelo google.Abraços!


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