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Feb 3, 2010

The Mooster

The Mooster piece is finally finished!
Enjoy people :D


  1. LOL, love the title, AND! the wolf's post expression haha. I fully plan on seeing a moose in the near future but i really hope they don't have teeth like that! well actually I plan on riding a moose, but i won't get into all that :)

  2. Real mooster… err… masterpiece! Awesome!

  3. HA~HA~HA~

    SO Funny~^^

    I love your Style!!

  4. порвало нахуй к ебеням!

  5. This would make an *awesome* CafePress t-shirt - first image on front, second on back. I'd absolutely buy that. :)

  6. Oja! Det ska bli underbart att få börja skapa i denna hörna.. jag är redan jätteinsporerad! Kram

  7. that's fantastic!!!

    from Estonia

  8. The pose of the scared wolf is spot on. Those eyes and the hunched back.. You have yourself a new subscriber.

  9. i saw this in imaginefx, thought it was really good. Reminds me of the wolf out of the sword in the stone


  10. Just got ImagineFX from my teacher today, browsed through it this morning, and stumbled on this piece. I literally laughed for a good three minutes, constantly giggling again every time I looked back at how cute and innocent that wolf is looking in the first image lmao hahaha, then seeing his expression afterwards hahahaha man o man this is awesome!

    This really needs to be on a t shirt haha. Great job!


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