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Feb 21, 2010

New update

Here's another update of how far I got yesterday.
Started adding some washes of gouache now and build up some details and shapes.
Will post more updates maybe tomorrow :)

Also I'm superhappy, cause my Cheshire Cat piece got into Kei Acedera's 20 favororite pieces in the contest, so I won a limited edition print from them - YAY :) It felt incredibly cool seing her holding up a print of my piece on the chiustream yesterday. Can't thank her too much.



  1. Cool, do happen to know if there is a list somewhere of the top 20? I missed the stream and I don't think it was recorded.

  2. thats beautiful. i really really love this piece. gimmee!

  3. Lots of good drawings, but this one is simply outstanding.
    100% envious.



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