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Feb 24, 2010

Not much today

Haven't have time for painting traditionally for two days. Have waaaay too much to do for the sideprojects I'm working on.
Just finished up for today, so now I'm off to continue working on my version of the Caterpillar for the chiustream :) I feel so inspired!

Here's a horse WIP for you so you have something to look at meanwhile.

Unfortunately the Ustream didn't work out that well this other day, it kept lagging and disconnecting. Gotta find a better solution for it... Hmpf.
Oh well!




  1. That horse looks excellent! Can't wait to see it finished. U-Stream has massive lag on me as well but I record all my sessions so people can watch them later when doing that I have to leave the recorder on after I finish until I see the video stream catch up on the site it's a pain but it's good because you can pimp your art, blogg,and anything else. People love tutorial videos.

  2. Du är otroligt duktigt!
    Snacka om att du har utvecklats det senaste året.
    Hoppas att allt går bra med jobbsök etc :)


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