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Feb 20, 2010

Tiger painting wip

Here's a wip sneekpeek of one of my watercolour paintings.
Not much to see yet, just working on the background so far.

And here's the sketch of the tyger :)
SOME CREDITS: I used this photo (click) for the pose. This guy's animal photos are the best I've seen so far out there, and I often go there for references. Please DO go check out his stuff!
I'm gonna show him this piece as soon as it's finished :D

There's a complete blizzard outside, so I chose to skip the stable today :/ I'll spend that time on work and personal paintings today instead. I'll continue working on an illu for a children's book, painting some more on my tyger, start off a new painting of a horse that I'm wanting to make for a couple of days now, and I'll also work on some other larger projects. Go me! Busybusybusy.

Hope y'all are having a great weekend so far! And don't forget the CHIUSTREAM today :)


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