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Feb 16, 2010

What I'm currently working on

Hey everyone!

first off, thank you SO much for all the recent comments. I'm so glad you liked the Mooster ;D
I'll try to get back to answer you all personally soon.

Just wanted to show what me and a couple of friends are currently working on. It's for the CGtalk contest: the B- movie, the video category. These pics are digital paintovers that I made of 3D models that the modeler Boba Subin made, based on the concepts drawn by me.

It's a bout three innocent little chickens that get hit by a supersmall-glowing-comet-pebble-thing from outer space. One of them eat it, then the'sre a HUGE explosion and out from the crate comes this giant mutant 3 headed chicken, and it starts terrorising the farm. Hehe.

Other than that, for the past ten days, I've been in Hungary. Just got home to Sweden again. It's been awesome, the food was great and we got to spend time with some relatives we don't meet everyday.
Other than that.. Hmm.. I'm working on lots some personal pieces, hopefully I'll also be able to make a traditional painting soon. I've just picked up on watercolours again, and I'm loving it!

Laters, hope you all are doing well!


1 comment:

  1. Nagyon jófej csirke :) Kíváncsi lennék majd a kész animációra is :)

    A szarvasos meg haláli volt, én annyira megsajnáltam szegény farkast (csak arra valamiért nem engedett commentelni...meg a saját blogomon sem válaszolni...mindegy, nem ide tartozik)

    Csak így tovább, érdeklődve várom a folytatást.


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