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Mar 8, 2010

Digital paintovers and children's books

Hey hey hey all!

Sorry for being all quiet this last week, been busy busybusy!
Both making illustrations for a children's book, plus the deadline for the CGtalk contest is closing in (k, still about 40 days left but still). Doesn't seem that I'll be a ble to enter that single contest though, maybe if I get some turboboost this week or so by some kind of a miracle.. Oh well, if not now, then I'll definitely enter next time!
Our group project for this contest is really fun to work on anyhow, I'm really enjoying it so far!

Here's a rather rough digital paintover I just finished up of one of the models. I made the character design, Boba Subin modeled the first version and Carolina Årnäs made the final model of her.

I'll be back with moar art soon :)


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