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Apr 9, 2012

Time lapse of "Playful Dreaming"

Just managed to publish my first time lapse of one of my painting "Playful Dreaming".

Only the painting progress, no sound this time. I managed to save about 90% of the coloring process, my recording software crashed for some reason at the very end. It looks pretty much as the finished version though, only a bit tighter and crispier :)

Hope you like, and please feel free to leave feedback regarding this video. Or if you have other requests just let me know.



  1. beautiful work, Andrea! Love it :D

  2. I love your tutorials! I hope you'll do more in the future. :)
    One question if you have time: how do you paint on one layer without it getting paint outside of the shape you're working on? If that makes sense. It doesn't look like it's selected. Hopefully this makes sense. Anyway, I love your stuff!

    1. Thank you, så glad you appreciate them! I'd love to try and make more of these in the future.

      About painting inside the shapes without selecting them.
      I do it in two ways:

      1. I create a Clipping mask. (hold down alt + click inbetween the two layers. Then you can paint in the layer that's on top.

      2. I lock the transparency within the "shape" layer itself and then I can paint directly in that layer. To do this, you simply select the layer, and then click this little box: http://bit.ly/155LVFV

      Thats it! Hope it helped.

  3. Hi Andrea,

    Lovely work!

    Just a simple question: In what resolution do you work while painting something like this one?

    1. Hi Stefania!

      Thank you, glad you like it :)

      I started working on this painting at a rather low resolution, just to set a colour scheme. After that I made e the linedrawing on a larger canvas (approx 3000 pixels wide), but I think that I blew it up to an even larger canvas when putting down the final details.

      Generally, my paintings are the size of a A4 or A3 (300dpi).


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