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May 19, 2013

Others tutorials: greyscale to color

There are so many resources of inspiriation and tutorials everywhere nowadays, can't hardly keep up with everything.

I'm too lazy to create an account on Pinterest, so I'm gonna start gather some of my favorite links and tutorials on this blog, just so I can have them all in one place. And why not sharing it with you guys as well? Many of you have probably seen them before, but I'll highlight them anyway ;)

I'm gonna start with linking to tutorials showing how to apply colors to a greyscale paintings.

Color + Overlay Tutorial by Dave Rapoza

Sycra made an interesting video about understanding color and value.

Matt Kohr has also made an interesting video, that could be applied to greyscale sketches.

Here's another one from Clint Clearley! Tip from the comments section - Thank you! :)

I may have a few others in mind as well, which I can't remember at the moment. I'll add them later!
Do you know any other tutorials showing how to color greyscale pantings? 
Please share, I'd love to see them :)

- Andrea


  1. Cool links! Recently I found this one interesting from Clint Clearly vimeo.com/55068523

    1. Oh thanks for the tip! :D Watching it as we speak.

  2. Thanks for sharing those, Andrea. Your work is amazing.

    1. Glad you appreciated them, and thanks for your kind words :D


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