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May 11, 2013

Some client art

   "The Ice Queen" - Photoshop CS5 & Cintiq 12WX

"The Wolf" - Photoshop CS5 & Cintiq 12WX

Here are two of my recent client works for a Swedish magazine called Kamratposten. 

I really enjoy those jobs. Usually I get to illustrate short stories that young readers submit to the magazine. I get their script and all I have to do more or less, is to come up with something nice and pretty, so I get a lot of artistic freedom :) 

These have already been posted on my other sites, but I thought that I'd share them here as well, along with the steps of how they were made. Hope you enjoy them, and thanks for looking! 

The steps:

Step by step

1. First sketch.

2. I start blocking in everything with solid colors.

3. Let the painting begin!

4. I keep painting and rendering the illustration until it feels finished.

Step by step.

1. First rough sketch.
2. Rough color sketch
3. Each part gets blocked in with solid colors.
4. Time to paint! Fleshing it all out.
5. Painting some more. I start adding light & smaller details.
6. Finished!

 - Andrea


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