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Jun 2, 2013

CGMA Academy, Lighting and Color Key for Production

I'm currently taking a class at CGMA Academy, studying Lighting and Color Key for Production with Mike Hernandez. I think he's at Dreamworks right now, and have been working on movies such as Shrek, to mention one. And he's my current teacher now!  Respect.

My first week is already over, and here's my first assignment!
We had to pick one of the still frames that he uploaded for us, and then make greyscale paintover using the lighting that was described underneath each image.

I picked a still frame from Kung Fu Panda, where I obviously had to turn a daytime frame into one with both moonlight and a dramatic underlighting upon the character himself.

Tried to keep it simple and easy to read, keeping the amount of detail rather low.
Fingers crossed that I got it right.

It's been fun so far though, and I'm looking forward to learn more from him :)

Anyone else studying at CGMA at the moment, or have been taking courses there?
Which classes did you attend?

- Andrea


  1. Oh my god, really awesome!! :D
    And you did a very nice job to pick a still frame from kung fu panda! ;)

    1. Thank you ;)

      Haha yep, KUng Fu Panda is a really cool movie. I like both of them, the animations are priceless!

  2. I'd like to take the same class too. How is it so far? Anyway, love your works!

    1. It seemed ok, but honestly, I didn't really get as much information as I hoped for.

      The class was a bit too large so me and a couple of others never recieved any feedback on our work.

      So I stopped doing the assignments and will only look at the instructor's videos instead :)

      I'm still interested in Ryan Lang's class though.

    2. I met Ryan Lang at disney on a tour after cnt expo last year, he showed his work on wreck it ralph, it was outstanding. I think he is very very good! There is a free webinar around the web of him showing his works from CGMA, I suggest you to check it out!

    3. That's really cool - congrats to that! :)
      Mustv'e been so inspiring.

      I watched that video a while ago, and that alone felt very informative. I'd love to attend one of his classes!

      Will you be at CTNx this year as well? Already booked my ticket :D

    4. Absolutely inspiring (well, everything over there was super inspiring :D). Not sure yet to go this year, you will have great time at CTNx!! Took a table last year(first time at ctnx) and it was one of the most super exciting things ever :D:D!

    5. Really? I was there last year as well. Too bad I didn't know you then, I must've passed your booth so many times D:

  3. I'm starting to study there in July. Not good news that the instructors don't get through all the student's work. Hopefully my class isn't that big.

    Your work is really awesome and inspiring!!

    1. Oh are you gonna take the same class with Mike Hernandez?

      It was good, and they said in the describtion that due to the type of class, not all the students will recieve feedback. Fair enough.

      Make sure before attending that they actually guarantee mentorship from the instructor, if that's something you prioritize :)

      Also, thank you so much for your kind words! <3


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