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Jul 13, 2013

Otters for a game

Otters. Character exploration. Photoshop CS5 + Cintiq 12WX

 Here's the otter that I mentioned in my previous post.
He's not final, I'll probably start all over with the design, but it's nice to document the progress anyway.

Some of my awesome friends started this pet project a while back. Pearl Boy.
I got the privilege to contribute with sketches, concepts and character development, so this will keep me occupied whenever I got some time to spare. And you'll be able to follow along!
No NDA's this time what so ever :) Cool, eh?

It's a game idea, and this greedy, fatty otter is one of the characters in it.

The sketches took me about 1-2 days. I made lots of thumbnails before I managed to nail a few that felt stronger than the rest that I managed to crank out. Practice makes better I guess :)

Other than that.... Had a great day. Been really productive, managed to deliver new updates for clients and things has just been flowing along nicely.
Let's hope I didn't jinx anything by mentioning this, haha.
Hope this glowing piece of luck will save moi.

Nah, time to get back to laziness. Ben Netflixing my brains out the whole evening and I'm planning to do that until I pass out.
I Love Summer.

- Andrea


  1. Beautiful! I would love to animate that! :-D

  2. Du är så extremt duktig! Blir alltid lika impad när jag kollar in dina illustrationer. :D

    Jag är lite intresserad av hur du går tillväga när du ska göra en illustration? De ser alltid så genomtänkta och perfekta ut :)

    1. Tusen tack :D

      Lite olika faktiskt. Om det är ett uppdrag så är jag mer metodisk och ver innan vad jag ska göra eller hur jag ska gå tillväga.

      När det kommer till egna bilder så experimenterar jag mycket, provar nya arbetssätt eller tekniker. Idéerna ärmer spontana och inte alltid så uttänkta i början. Nåt jag måste förbättras i. Idéerna är viktigare än själva tekniken!


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