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Jul 8, 2013

Speed of light!! Tiger again.

Tigers. Photoshop CS5 & Cintiq 12WX

I got inspired earlier today so this happened. Speedpainting happened.
Of a suspicious mirrored tiger.

I just tried to nail everything in one go. Dunno yet if I'm gonna be satisfied, tomorrow, next week, next year. We _will _see, mkaaay!

Had tons of fun though :)

I think that I did this, sort of because I was.. Kinda running away from this other task. Which is a tough one. I'm trying to design an otter. For a game. And I'm supposed to draw lots of poses of him.
It's haaaaaard, darn it!

Anyway, I'll give it another go now. And work until I fall asleep.

TODAYS FACT:  Well, I don't think I'm good at this vacation thingie.

- Andrea


  1. Nice distraction work :D I love your stuff

  2. Awesomeness! :D Älskar färgschemat och ljussättningen! <3

    1. Tack så jättemycket Hedvig! :D Har du semester nu? Hoppas allt är bra med dig därborta :)

  3. Is that Nowegian? I like the tiger a lot Andrea! Very good work :)

    1. Nope, but close enough! It's Swedish :)
      And thank you very much! Welcome to my art blog :D


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