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Aug 11, 2013

The sweet sound of crickets

Random insta from 2012

Been a bit quiet around here.
Well hm.. I'm still flooded by feelance work. Typical, eh?
One more week of crunch time, then we'll see what happens.

Don't worry though, you have no idea how much fun I've had so far! Got the opportunity to work on some really fun and exciting stuff, and I really look forward to share it with you once I'm allowed to. 

I haven't even had time to work out, and I'm really starting to miss it...
Well, I obviously need it. Energetic much?

 I really deserve some physical exhaustment.

Anyways, smell you later! I'll be back soon.
Got some even more exciting stuff to share later on, so stay tuuuuned. 

Hey btw. Don't forget to feed Peleng. Hes still hungry.

- Andrea


  1. It seems to be really good! :D
    The last picture with you on, was little scary. I think it's your eye. :)

    Sorry about my terrible english!

    1. Yeah it's pretty good :) I'm starting to get really tired now though! The "worst" is over, and soon I'll be able to rest for a while, and make more blog posts for you :D

      Sorry if I scared you ;) I'm just a bit silly sometimes :D



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