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Oct 29, 2013

CTNx 2013, sketches and excitement


Andrea is finally back!
Ghah, no idea what happened there, i think that  managed to hit a minor wall or something, hence the absence. Don't get me wrong though, I've had so much fun. I just need to hibernate a little, from time to time ;)

After delivering the last bits and pieces for those superfun projects that kept me occupied for like.. FOREVER, I decided to take some time off just for myself.

I've been...

- Working out! (YAY!)

- Tried to regain a somewhat normal social life

- Drawing things for myself.. Like horses hehe.

- zZzleeping...

Ah yeah and then I also revised this:

The other pose felt too static, knew I could pull off a better one.

Oh, and CTNx 2013 is just around the corner.



There will be a lot more Swedes attending this year. Please say hi if you happen to see me :)

I'll be back later. Ciao!

- Andrea


  1. Terrific art as always!

    I'm glad to hear you've taken some time off for some "you time"! Both rest and fun is important every now and then, so that you don't burn yourself out or something. You have amazing talent, and art must be allowed to take time. :)

    When I got burned out (gick in i väggen) a few years ago I ended up with constand headaches for years, as well as a severe art block. Not fun at all. Take a few days or weeks off when you need to, so that you don't end up like that as well. :P

    1. Thank you! :)

      I'm sorry to hear about your burnout, hope you feel better nowadays!
      Yeah, agreed, sometimes it's important to take a few weeks off and just slack. Luckily, my second passion in life is sleeping, so I hardly let anything take that away from me haha!

      But at the same time I'm also a night owl, so no early mornings for moi.. Or that's what I prefer at least ;)

  2. Wow! Your art is great!
    And thank you for your nice comment!
    Can't wait for more of your art posts :)

    1. Wow right back at ya, thank you very much! :)
      I'll try to post more art soon.

      So, will you be at CTNx? I'd love to buy your sketchbook, if you still got a few copies left.


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