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Nov 27, 2013

It's been awesome!

 Wolf faces. Photoshop CS5 & Cintiq 12WX

Got back from LA two days ago. 

The short version.....:


I'll have to get back and post photos and stories later on, describing everything in one evening is almost impossible. The trip could pretty much be divided into 5 chapters, hehe.

1. San Franisco & visited Pixar (No, I'm not joking)
2. Road trip from SF to LA
3. CTNx 2013, baby!
4. We rented a house at Silverlake, visited Dreamworks & Disney (Still not joking)
5. Got stuck for another night in London

So yeah, stay tuned for some more later on!
I got another deadline again.. So I'm done with my holiday, time to get back to business :)

- Andrea


  1. Yay! New Noukah-arts! :D
    Välkommen tillbaka! Du måste berätta all them details later!

    1. Yes indeed I am BACK! :)

      Tack så mycket! Ja, absolut! Det hände så sjukt mt, så jag kommer få dela in allt i flera inlägg haha! Shit va du har vart flitig me Sketchavember btw! Blir lite avis på din produktivitet :) Keep it up <3

  2. Wow sounds like you had an amazing time out there! Maybe you could do an expressive wolf face to go along with each of the 5 parts of your trip :)

    1. It was truly amazing! :D

      Haha that's clever! I'll have that in mind and give it a try ;) Good practice.

  3. Hello, I just got here, after looking thru your work, im totally digging your tiger, you are truely an artist! Idea for otter? Young, fluid, fierce. Seems to be what you were craving, not knowing any story line. Anyway cheers!

    1. Hi there!
      Thank you, really glad you appreciate my art! :)
      That otter was meant for a game that one of my friends designed, unfortunately that project got postponed/cancelled. But he was meant to be this greedy otter that's too fat for hunting it's own clams. The design didn't feel strong enough so I would redesign it today if I had the time and skills for it.



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