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Dec 15, 2013

Chapter 1: San Francisco & Pixar

Time to start sharing, right?

This was probably the richest US trip so far for me, barely had any "rest" or real vacation, hehe.
Had an awesome time with awesome friends.

So what happened?

I'll keep it rough, cause I'll have to write a whole book otherwise...

First we stayed at San Francisco for about two days I think(things start to get blurry haha).
Never been there before... Dude, the buildings are GINORMOUS over there! :O Stockholm feels so darn tiny compared to that City.


Visited the Walt Disney Family Museum, plus saw some fantastic artwork by Tyrus Wong(one of the legends working on Bambi). Those exhibitions were seriously mindblowing, definitely worth a visit.

The day after was even more awesome.

We visited Pixar Animation Studios.
Do I have to mention that I almost had a breakdown when we got to the main entrance?
I don't think so.. I mean seriously dude, pinch me. PINCH MEEE!!

Two of the friends I was travelling with happened to know one of the animators there, one of the few Swedish people working at the big studios. So he let us in - THANK YOU!!

We had lunch together, got a tour, saw some chubby squirrels running around in the campus and it was just pure awesomeness.

Inside the main entrance, plus some lunch at the studio.

If only for a while, I don't care.
One day, I'll become as good as they are, and this will become my reality and everyday life. 

Beside these events, we also had some more time to explore San Francisco.
Passed by ILM and saw that famous Yoda Fountain, I got lucky as usual and found 2 five leaves + one four leaf hehehehehe...

Four & Five Leaves in November. Not bad at all ^^

Also saw lots of seals at the bay, discovered Clam Chowder(instant love!) plus much more.

That's pretty much it for now. Hang in there IT GETS BETTER!
To be continued......

- Andrea


  1. Your skill and talent is stunning! I would be really surprised if you don't already have what it takes to work at Disney or Pixar. :)

    1. Aww thank you so much for your kind words!
      Don't know, but I'm doing my best to impress them enough one day :)


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