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Dec 18, 2013

Chapter 2: Le Roadtrip

Allthough we stayed in US for two week,s we still had a rather tight schedule so after two days in SF, it was time for the next adventure - moving on towards LA!

Rented le purdy car. It was RED.

Haha no but seriously :D
Only two of us had a driving licence(unfortunately I'm not one of them, and I'm starting to want it SO BADLY), and it was thanks to them that this whole adventure happened at all.

Lots of hills, lots of fog, pretty beaches, BIG waves...

 Managed to snap some postcard- shots. Just for the sake of it!

Made one stop at Monterey, slept at Otter Inn(It was off season so we had everything for ourselves MUHAHAHA). Also on a sidenote: Otters seem to be da shit over there.

Went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium (Supercool!)
Ate heavy breakfasts, scribbled on the tables.....

 Must've been the heaviest french toast everrr...

(Made two stops in total, but I've forgotten about where that was. Shame on me. 
The motel was really nice & cheap though!)

Ah right! We made a little stop at Carmel as well. Tourist- style. Ha, the streets over there were rather adoreable. Felt like living in some Disnye/Hobbit dreamland.

Passed by, and saw lots of other places too such as Santa Barbara.
So nice and hot. Wish we could have summer all the time here in Sweden.

 And then... dun dun DUUUUUHHHH! 

Finally arrived at Burbank :O

- Andrea


  1. So far it looks like you had a fantastic time in the US. The visit to Pixar studios sounds like a great experience. Do you feel you become more inspired while travelling ?

    1. Yes it was awesome :D Wish I could share exactly everything, the pics and posts don't do any justice at all.

      Frankly, I barely drew anything. It was rather a nice switch-off for my brain for a while.
      Sure I got superinspired, but I focused more on enjoying the experiences and save all the ideas/impressions for later.

      How about you?

    2. Times like that when you have experienced so much during a vacation that videos are so useful in capturing the experience and mood! The french toast for example looks so delicious....if only I could smell it!!!

      I definitely know what you mean. When i go on vacation, i normally have good intentions and take my sketchbook for when i become inspired. Although i'm normally too busy to get a chance to draw so just end up taking loads of photos.

    3. True that! Made a few videos during the trip, as an attempt to capture the sense of it all, but it's still not enough :D I guess it will do hehe.
      French Toast was delicious, yet superheavy! All that cream on top really scared me at first haha, American food in general seems to be extremely heavy compared to Sweden.

      Yes that's exactly what happened to me as well! Just like you mentioned, bringing the sketchbook "in case of artistic emergency"...

      Hope you had an awesome Christmas so far!


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