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Dec 27, 2013

It's only a fast doodle

Am I the only one who's thinks that phrases like these are getting worn out?

"Just a quick morning doodle"
"Quick sketch before bed"
"Drew this during lunchbreak"

Then the post is actually about an image like this:

Uhh….   -.-

NO. It's not just a doodle.
It's years of practice, practice and PRACTICE. A lot of love, tears time and effort.
Feels like we're shrinking ourselves and our skills when we put it that way.. Why do we do this?
Me included, I catch myself saying this sometimes too. BUT WHY?

No it's not just a doodle. Usually, I do lots of rough thumbs before even starting on a more refined sketch.

THIS is "just a fast doodle":

For me at least.

And here's that fast doodle after a few revisions and refinements:

Sorry for the rant, but seriously, does anyone agree?

Next year, I'll try not to type things like that unless I actually made a 2-second sloppy thumbnail, hehe.
Art is NOT super easy at first, and I think that revealing the actual struggle will also give others hope. Those who still may believe that it's all about talent.
I mean.
Drawing is a lot about frustration, and that will never go away…
We all doubt. Even our heroes. I'll get to that in another post though….

- Andrea


  1. Second that! I will also try to stop calling my sketches doodles, casuse they are almost always far from it. Lots of thought and practice behind it. Thanks!

    1. Glad I'm not the only only one who started to put it this way.
      Good luck with your sketches!

  2. Third that! I also do this, and you're totally right. I'll try to better myself in -14 :)

  3. I couldn't agree more !
    Glad that I've fallen upon you blog !

    1. Glad pleople got my point hehe.
      And thanks a lot for stopping by! And welcome :)

  4. Well said, Noukah,
    I definitely admit to doing the same.

  5. Wow, I totally agree with you. Hadn't even realized it, but you're totally right!

    1. Glad people recognize it, hope I didn't sound too harsh :)


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