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Dec 31, 2013

So long 2013 and Thank You

Allright let's do this. It's time for another little summary.
Ready, set, GO!

My top 10 Highlights of 2013

(In no particular order)

CTNx & US trip
It was definitely the best trip of 2013. So many new memories, met a bunch of new fun and awesome people and gained new inspiration. You can read a little about it HERE.

Studio Tours at Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney
Yes. I still can't believe that I had these opportunities this year. It really meant the world to me.
Was so much fun to have an insight of that it's like inside these studios and I can definitely see myself working there someday. Gotta dream BIG...

Four Leaves
Starting from May, I managed to find at least one four leaf each month until December. That NEVER happened before! By the way I'm in Sweden. Hello, global warming.

Characterized Cut & Paste at Adobe Creative Days
This was a big deal for me.
Earlier in June, I got invited to battle with some artists, on stage, while they livestreamed it on Adobe's website. How. Cool. Is. That?? You got to feel like a rockstar for a day.

Sure it was fun while we were on stage painting against the clock..
But all the nerves before the actual show resulted in a total breakdown a week later.
Don't get me wrong, i would do it again. Next time will definitely be easier. But it really hit a weak spot in me, and that came through that summer. I freaked out completely and doubted in myself.

I realized that this is something that I really need to deal with next year. I want to overcome my fears. Not doubting myself anymore and find the joy that I usually feel when I create for myself.
To slowly build up my confidence. Babysteps I guess...

Featured in Imagine FX & Advanced Photoshop
Gained so much exposure this year, and my work showed up in several magazine issues.
I even wrote a 6-page tutorial about my Wolf Illustration. You can find more about that HERE.

Freelance Success
Despite an extremely busy time, I landed some pretty fun freelance gigs throughout this year.
Connected with a couple of new and interesting clients, and I feel that I managed to push the quality of my work even further.

My Facebook Page and Behance account exploded
No idea what's going on. But my art really has spread like a wildfire this year.
A big THANK YOU to all of you who follows, comments, supports and send all that love.
You have no idea how overwhelming this is, I appreciate it so much.
I'll try to give back as much as I can.

Sketch Tuesday Stockholm
This has been an awesome thing over here. So simple, but it's been going on for a year now.
Johan Idesjö started this little sketch group, and it's been slowly growing month by month. Every Tuesday, we pick a bar, grab a beer or two and sketch. Just hanging out and chatting about art.
You get to meet new artists, and also some old familiar faces. It's awesome.

Cintiq 13HD
Yes. We're dating, and I think I have a crush. I'll post more about this later on! :D

Back in the saddle
I started riding again! I found a stable where I take lessons once a week. Gosh I missed this so much. I've been riding regularly since I was 11 or something, with a few longer breaks here and there. But now I'm finally back. It's SO NICE to have another main interest beside art, the time I spend with horses are the only hours of the week, where I actually forget about everything else that's constantly going on in my head. Work or art-related stuff. Makes me calm down a little :)


I had some downs, sure. But mostly, this year has been awesome and exciting in general. I can't really complain about anything. Once again, thank you so much for all the support.

Wishing you all a very Happy 2014.
It's gonna be the Year of The Horse, so things just CAN'T go wrong, right? ;)

Love, hugs and cheers!

- Andrea :)


  1. I'm so happy for you and your cintiq! It sounds like the perfect match. Also, Congrats on getting back to riding this year- its needed to have a hobby that doesn't have to do with art.. I'm super jealous! Happy new years from Detroit!

    1. Thank you Michelle, and thanks for stopping by! :D
      Happy New year to you as well! Have you guys kicked off with new projects and freelance work yet? I'm just about to start working again.

  2. Lovely to hear about the successes and growth you have experienced last year. I'm hoping this year will be even more of a success for you.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Wow, how cool is that?! I'm so happy for you! To visit those Studios must really be a dream! You wrote about that experience on the blog?

    About the success in the freelance area, I also experienced this in 2013, as this was the year when I really came back to drawing and discovered a side of me that was hitherto unknown: Teach! This was about 5 months ago and since then my Behance account also began to gain more followers and new opportunities have emerged... 2013 was really a great year, indeed :-)

    I wish you a 2014 full of success! Ahh, don't forget to change the Cintiq model in the "Tools Of Choice" section ;-P

    1. Hey Carlos thanks for stopping by! :D

      Yeah it was incredibly unbelievbly awesome! Still can't understand I've been there.
      I wrote a little about it in "chapter 2", one of my previous posts if you scroll a little :)

      Congrats to your succesful year! Teaching? Tell me more!

      Wishing you the same. And yes absolutely ;) I'm only trying it out right now, so we'll see if I upgrade later!


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