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Jan 4, 2014

An old unfinished Totoro painting

Painted this one a while ago.
Perhaps some of you remember it?

I didn't quite like it then, so I ended up abandoning it.
Couldn't see any story in it, nor personality. The pose felt too stiff and still and I started to see a pattern in my characters: They all looked suspicious(?). Hah.

But now that I look at it...
I like the design. So I'll save it and make something cooler later on.
And come up with a nice story that fits with him/her.
Plus. Totoro is awfully cute, I really wanna make a tribute!

Does this happen to you a lot? Have you reworked any of your older pieces before?

- Andrea


  1. It looks more than finished to me! Lovely.

    1. Thanks Fabián! :)
      Nah, there's lots of stuff to fix on this one.. But it's way too far gone already. I think that I can create stronger pieces with the new things I've learned through 2013!

  2. I love the colors on this, beautiful.


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