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Jan 17, 2014

The awesome Wacom Cintiq 13HD

Wacom Cintiq 13HD + Macbook Pro

I had the great opportinuty to try one out, and all I can say is that I LOVE IT!
Can't stay away from it, I just wanna keep drawing, haha.

The differences compared to my own Cintiq 12WX(older small model) are that:

- It's a lot lighter and thinner
- The display is larger
- It's in HD, baby! Everything looks so nice and crisp
- The wires are a lot smaller and handy, looks less cluttered
- I admit it, the colours and contrast are actually pretty good on this one!

Some tips:

Are you a MAC user like me?
If you own an older model of a Macbook Pro, then you're gonna need an adapter (Mini DisplayPort to HDMI).

(I just upgraded my workstation with a new Macbook though, and realized that later models are compatible without the adapter. Yay!)

Oh, so you're left-handed too?
Originally, the buttons are on the left side when first installing the Cintiq.
You can easily rotate it 180 degrees, so that the buttons are on your right side instead. Same way as adjusting a regular monitor.

Here's how:
Simply go to the Cintiq's preferences(Wacom Tablet) click "Options" and select left under "Handedness".
Buttons can now be on your right side. Sweet!

Overall, it's an incredibly nice device to work on. 
Definitely a keeper if you prefer the smaller models like I do.

- Andrea


  1. Ah yes... cintiq... ones you try it, you'll never want to go back to a classic tablet :D
    I saved the money for the 22 HD one and it was absolute worth it!
    I tried the12 WX a couple of days ago and it is very good. A little small for my taste but its the perfect choice for the smaller pocket :) it lacks in nothing to the bigger ones.

    As for the left hand: there must be an option to turn the wacom software in the left hand mode.. at last it was that way for the intuos and the 22 HD cintiq software. so you dont have to change the screen itself :)

    1. Agreed! I was a bit sceptical when I bought my first cintiq (almost sold it!) but then when I actually became friends with it... Undying love :)

      Glad you enjoy the 22 HD one! Do you feel that you have enough space on your desk, or does it get a bit too tight?

      And thanks for the tip! Heard that you can fix this in the options, so I'll have a closer look later on, and edit this blogpost a bit :)

    2. II was sceptic as well, but luckily I was able to try the HD cintiqs at a store.. love at the first stroke :D

      It fit's perfectly on my desk and I have room to move it around a little bit. Would be even better if I was a more ordered person ^^". Paper, Pencils, Books and stuff everywhere. Luckily I have a extendable desk, so I can use half of it for the digital stuff, and the other half for traditional work.

      You're welcome :)

  2. I keep swaying between wanting to get one and feeling like I should wait for the next thing. Hearing that you're having a good experience pushes me back the other way.

    1. Well, it's definitely worth it, unless you already own an older model? Those are still awesome imo.

      I use the older 12WX one at work(which I still love to bits), and the 13HD one at home, without really feeling that much of a difference, beside the improved resolution and contrasts.

  3. I love my cintiq. Unfortunately it weighs a ton, so I recently grabbed the Companion for transportation/on the go and it's a wonderful addition :D

    1. Oh, do you have a large one? Which model? I felt the same way, when I tried a larger one. The smaller sizes fit a lot better hehe.

      Cool! How long have you had it, and what are your thoughts?

    2. Yup! I have the 24HD and it's just amazing. I use it as my main monitor (I have two screens) and when it's time to draw, I just tilt it down and get to work. Downside is it's not transportable, carrying it around was a huuuge task.

      Thank goodness for the companion! I needed a new laptop anyway, mine was 7 years old ;P

    3. Fair enough!
      Hope the companion serves you well for a long time :)

  4. Hi Andrea !

    What do you mean with "old" macBookPro?
    I'm really thinking about buying a cintiq13Hd, my mac is quite old (intel2.6ghz and 4gb RAM) and I'm a bit scared that this wacom won't work properly with my hardware...

    besides of that: many compliments for your illustrations, keep doing good work


  5. So tell me about the 13HD. I am thinking about 22HD touch but I can see the benefits of saving some money, just thought I would hear your thoughts on it since you seem to be doing some fantastic art work on it.

    1. Hey thanks for your kind words! I really love it. I've always preferred the smaller tablets. For me, that's the most comfortable way to work. Since I'm left-handed, I can keep the tablet on the left side, and use the regular keyboard(shortcuts etc) with my right hand.This way, when necessary, I can also use the cintiq as a regular tablet.

      What I feel? I've only felt awesomeness so far :) It matches my expectations.

  6. Oh one more thing, I don't want the technical details, tell me what you feel when you use it.....thanks

    1. I feel unstoppable! Haha, no really :) I really enjoyed that mdoel.

  7. Does it have a touch screen? Where you can turn on and off the touch-feature? You've probably mentioned that, but I just skimmed-through....

    1. Hey Sam! This model doesn't have a touch-feature. I tend to avoid it, haven't found a comfortable way to use those kind of features(yet). What are your thoughts?


  8. Hello Andrea,
    I see that you are left-handed and I like to know how you do with your macbook pro to clone your image. Are you in clone mode or extended display mode?

    I too am left handed and the only way I've found is to use the extended display mode because if I use the clone mode the image of my pc screen is reversed.
    Is it possible to use the clone mode for left-handed with the image in correct position ?


    1. Hi David! Sorry for the late reply, I got both your comments and e-mail. I never mirror/duplicate my cintiq, only extend it, as if you would have two regular monitors. For me, extended mode is much more useful than clone mode, so I've never encountered that problem.

      How come you prefer cloning?

      Also, I don't speak French. I only know Swedish, English and Hungarian :)

  9. please answer me how to clone 13hd with windows to have a clone ? same image on 13hd and my pc monitor ? i'm left handed thank

  10. Hehe, cool, I was looking for "ways to make cintiq 13hd more awesome" and found this blog came in the results!

    I'm curious what made it feel better for you Andrea? I have had the Cintiq 13hd for a bit over a year now and it's almost unused for me. How have you programmed the buttons? I have tried some different setups but it keeps feeling... sorta stiff and unconnected :/ Maybe it's in my head.


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