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Sep 29, 2014

More on art and self doubt

Guys, I felt that I wanted to talk a bit more about potential and self doubt.
It's easy to cover up with lots of images and appear happy and careless, as if "life is so easy and yaaay".

I'm gonna be honest with you...

I'm often scared.
Actually I constantly fight against these thoughts in my head that keep reminding me of my fears.
Worrying that I'm not good enough, analyzing everything I do, freaking out if I see an awesome piece made by somebody else. You think that you'll never get to the same level, or like in my case - you think you're a fraud. It often feels like "oh crap, soon they'll realize how fake I am!".

I truly hate high expectations. I already do an exellent job myself there, whether I want it or not, haha.. You can probably recognize this too. The brain never shuts up.

No matter how big your fan base gets(I love you guys!!), those feelings will never go away.
To be honest, it almost gets worse sometimes. Don't get me wrong though! When things are rolling, then it's extremely uplifting and it really means the world to me, just the fact that THERE IS someone out there at all, who appreciates what I do.

A couple of years ago, all I wanted was to get noticed. Things would be so much easier then. Or so I thought. I was pretty invisible(and not that good), and kept looking at all these successful artists who has become sort of celebrities among the communities. I always though that "damn, their lives must be so awesome and free, they probably never doubt!"...

Haha, so wrong. Everyone doubts. It's human nature.

Even our heroes are scared shitless from time to time.
There is no Nirvana, and we will never arrive or cross that holy line where there's only peace and awesomeness.

I guess that cliché about making friends with fear of failure is true.
Embrace it. 


No really.
We don't suck.

- Andrea

"You wish were a better artist?, that feeling will never go away. Stay confident, because it's normal. Just keep going!"

- Marlo Meekins


  1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter. It can overwhelm me sometimes, especially when I just do studies and don't upload anything (beside some of them) to get the feeling of being a fraud at bay.

    1. Right back at ya! I think it's important to remind ourselves, that we all doubt and that it's ok :) We're way too hard on ourselves!

  2. I can certainly relate. Self doubt is (I'm guessing) pretty common in the creative field.
    Here's a completely unrelated question: are you participating in Inktober? :)

    1. Oh yeah. In a way it's kinda comforting that everyone have this in common, but at the same time it's important to share our thoughts so that we can handle it :)

      Oh, not yet! Maybe I should...? Are you participating? :)

    2. You should totally do a bit of Inktober:ing - it'll be fun! I'll be doing a bit of an Inktober "light". One ink-drawing per week instead of one per day. Thought it best to set a more reasonable goal for myself. At least that will be my minimum :)

  3. It's great to hear another wonderful artist speak of this. I believe Pascal Campion wrote about this subject too. Perhaps it was this: http://pascalcampion.blogspot.co.il/2014/06/a-little-water-little-thought.html

    Anyway, it's great to see you posting as usual :D

    Minor typo - "...cross that holy line where there's only piece (PEACE?) and awesomeness."

    1. Thank you for your kind words! :) Oh interestong, I'll check that out! I love Pascal and his peptalks :D

      And I corrected the typo, thanks for pointing that out!

  4. well, it's honestly and that is the real life..
    thanks a lot for sharing something like this, i have already like a lot of your artwork,.. its great.. :)
    honestly, same with me, i feels that i wanted to be one of you said, an artist, and be noticed because his art,
    and then my life would be more easy..
    yeaa, that's true, and that's make sense,.. every people has a doubt, even for the artist too,
    think to make our art looks so great, but honestly, what would we be if we don't make an art ?
    i always try to make as great as like the others artist done,.. i want some recognition, to my art,
    but maybe it would be happened, until i know that we will be recognised not just because our art, but from our progression,
    hey,,, be BRAVE...!!!!! :D

    1. Thanks for your thoughts and for your kind words!
      I know what you mean, you kinda feel like you can't be someone without your art. So whenever you have a dip, your life and emotions get affected too. And yes, a lot of people like to follow the journey itself, not the destination. That's how it should be for us as well, not worry too much about getting noticed or not. Just enjoying the sake of art :)

  5. your so cool T.T
    i dont care what you sat, you awesomeeeeeeeee!

  6. This is so inspiring! I've just found your blog and I feel I'm gonna spend the day reading it ;)! I can relate to the feeling you talk about, and everyday I think I want to put myself out there but I don't know if I got what it takes. Texts like yours are only encouraging, thank you!

    1. Thank you Luiza, so glad you liked this post! :) I'll do everything I can to encourage, trying to do stuff that I would've appreciated to see or read. About putting yourself out there - just do it! The sooner the better, if we would wait until we're ready, nothing would ever happen haha :)


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