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Oct 14, 2014

Be brave

"Mooster" Just realiized that I started working on it almost exactly 4 years ago!

Somebody liked one of my older pieces at Facebook, and oh I got all nostalgic... Hah, memories.

I remember how shy I used to be at fist, back when I just started to discover all the art communities and the artists dwelling there. As much as I admired them and wanted to be like them, I also felt really scared to show my own work.

So to those of you still hesitating:

Put yourself out there! 

Just do it. The sooner the better. I've been posting my artwork since 2002(I was 16), and I actually wish I did it sooner. You'll never get fully satisfied with your work, so the right time when you're ready will never come ;) Plus,  the feedback you can get from people viewing and commenting is absolutely priceless.

To all of you who's been sticking around since my early years - Thank You. You helped me improve, and you still are!

- Andrea

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