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Oct 2, 2014

Why failing is awesome

While I was painting this passionate tiger hugging the air out of a poor fox, I got a question from a friendly soul on instagram.

Since I mentioned that it was a revision, he asked me if I could show the previous versions of that painting. And absolutely, I'd be delighted to.

Mostly because I want to convince both myself, and others how truly awesome it is to fail. And to show that it can definitely be worth giving a failing piece a second try. Most of us probably get discouraged when the artwork turns out to be crap as we go along working on it. And I guess you do need to struggle a bit, a graphics artist once said that "if it's easy, you're doing it wrong". Do you agree?

Ok, back to failing then. Hold on, here it comes dun duh DUUUH:

These are the steps of my previous version. The first one was the colorscheme that I decided upon. Clearly, as I look at it now, it wasn't a good one. Here's why:

- Both the tiger and the fox had the same hue, so it's hard to distinguish them both.

- The colours feel a bit muddy and dirty, and I tried to cover it up with a saturation-layer. This was not an optimal palette to pick from.

- In image 3, you can see how I kept struggling with the colours, still didn't manage to make it feel good.

- And in image 4, I just had enough and went bananas. Merged all the layers together and made a brutal paintover in an attempt to a new colour scheme(cause I wanted to start all over) No mercy aarrgghh!!

It still didn't work well enough. So I let it rest.

Clearly, I learned something out of this piece, and it got better when I made a second attempt.

I actually tend to revisit my pieces or sketches quite often, so yes I fail a lot haha! Started to understand, that when I just scrap the current piece, usually the new version will turn out so much better! Plus, it goes so much faster, cause you've already figured out the things you would try differently. Resulting in bolder brushstrokes, better colour schemes and so on......

*drifting away picturing myself easily doing pushups with only one finger, while Eye of the tiger plays in the background*

If your idea or story is a good one and important to you, then it's definitely worth the fight.

- Andrea


  1. "Nothing In This World Worth Having Comes Easy" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89xUz9fZBXA


  2. I heard that in the photoshop process the 80% of the time the drawing pass for an ugly stage, but in your work I don't see it. REALLY AMAZING ART. Congrats C:


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