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Oct 26, 2014

Posting in Swedish and English from now on!

Old tutorial from 2013. Photoshop CS 5 + Wacom Intuos4

Yes, you got it right. I've been thinking.

Ranted a bit about this on my other blog, the one I used to post on a few years ago, it was only in Swedish though. I closed that blog over a year ago due to lack of time, and went back yesterday to look around. Ahh, nostalgia...

The thing is that I've been missing ranting in Swedish, so I was thinking, maybe I should start posting there again? Plus, I know that some of you actually are from Sweden! :)

Then I thought a bit more about it and realized that, nah. I'll never be able to moderate two different blogs at the same time. And I don't like posting half-assed stuff either.

So let's try this: I'll start blogging in Swenglish! Isn't that good? Then you get to pick in which language you wanna read my posts. Yeah, and then also I get to blog in a language that I feel most comfortable with.

I'm still insanely busy, can't you tell me something cool in the meantime? Gimme some coziness to read before bed tonight :D


Svenska :)

Yepp, ni såg rätt. Jag har funderat lite.

Rantade lite om detta i min andra blogg, som jag brukade posta i för ett par år sen, dock enbart på Svenska. Stängde ju ner den för över ett år sen pga tidsbrist, och kikade in där igen igår. Ahh nostalgi...

Grejen är att jag har saknat att ranta på Svenska, så funderade på att börja blogga där igen. Dessutom så vet jag att vissa av er som läser faktiskt är från Sverige! :)

Fast sen tänkte jag ett varv till och insåg att nä. Jag kommer aldrig hinna moderera två helt olika bloggar samtidigt. Gillar inte att lägga ut halvfjösiga grejer heller för den delen.

Så nu testar vi detta: Jag ska börja blogga på Svengelska! Bra va? Och då kan man välja om man vill läsa inläggen på Svenska eller Engelska. Ja, och så får jag även chansen att skriva på ett språk som jag känner mig mest bekväm med.

Jag har så sjukt mycket att göra, fortfarande.. Kan ni inte berätta nåt kul så länge? Mys med läsning innan läggdags :D

- Andrea


  1. I know what you mean about writing in your strong language. I live in Israel and just can't help but speak English all day.
    I think this is a marvelous idea and look forward to reading your new posts.
    Wish I could read in Swedish too ;)

    1. I hear ya :) And now you have the chance to learn Swedish! Since it's almost identical to the English version.

  2. Cool ideia! Swedish has beautiful writing, it's an art form.
    Have a good night's sleep ;)

    1. Why thank you! Didn't sleep much unfortunately, and I'm still not finished D: Hope you had a better night's sleep!

    2. Oh that's too bad D:
      I hope the work is worth it! Good luck :)

  3. Wise move. :) I blog in simultaneous Spanish and English.

    1. Thanks! :)
      Cool! It's pretty comfy actually, sometimes it's easier to express yourself in other languages.


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