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Oct 10, 2014

Work happened

Freelance work + Photoshop CS5 + Wacom Cintiq 12WX

Heeey amigos! How have you been?
I've been fine, it's been a good week. Things are starting to roll again. Don't really wanna jinx anything but I think inspiration has started to bloom again. I've had such a heavy art block through out the year, as you probably guessed already. I almost thought that I'll never get back to enjoy art again. Kinda scary isn't it?

This week has been pretty nice. Work at Netent flows nicely, and I also got some new freelance gigs coming in. It's really nice to get jobs coming in, without me chasing after them. Hard work sure pays off. Yay for me, but at the same time, it means that I'll have to shove some other things aside for a while.

Brb baby, I'll get back and finish you later!

So what are your plans for the weekend? I'll be partly working, obviously. Got a deadline 2 weeks away ghah. But I'm pumped. But I'll also relax a bit, I really believe in a nice balance between work and private life. Nowadays I don't draw and paint 24/7, like I used to a few years ago.

Laters compadres! :)

- Andrea


  1. I think, drawing all day 24/7 can realy hurt your health, I prefer to work 8-10 hours per day and only write and do other things on the weekend. For a change and to replenish my creativity.
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Yes I agree. Sure, you can go full hulk for some time if you wanna get ahead, but it's important to know when enough is enough... It's so easy to get burned out.

      Did you have a nice weekend? Hope you managed to keep that creativity flowing!


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