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Nov 2, 2014

Gamex and Comic Con in Stockholm


Ah, sitting here all tucked in under a blanket. I've finally had some time off between work and I'm ENJOYING IT! These past weeks I've been working like a maniac, but could finally take the weekend off and chill out. Went riding earlier today as well, so I'm le tired...

Yesterday I visited Gamex and Comic Con here in Stockholm(thursday to sunday). It's the annual game expo here in Sweden and this year they also launched Comic Con. It's nowhere near the original one(Honestly, I think it's just a knock-off...) and it was kinda poor to be frank. It has much more potential, and I was expecting more exhibitors and things to do... I guess it's still rather small here in Sweden. Nothing beats CTNx though.... :P

And the crowd was huge. Wasn't even worth standing in line for screenings or to try any of the games. So I was just cruising around, networking a bit and greeted people I knew. That's something that I really enjoy :) I feel the urge to exhibit there next year though, perhaps selling some prints and meet new people. If you're going next  year - GO ON A WEEK DAY! Cause after that, the place will be crammed.

The cosplayers were really cool too! I was impressed by the costumes, some people went all in with that.

Yeah, we'll see if you'll see more of me there next year... :)

Were you there? What did you think?


Svenska :)

Tjihoo hej på er!

Åh, sitter inkurad i soffan med en filt just nu. Har äntligen fått lite fritid mellan allt jobb och va jag NJUTER! Bara jobbat jobbat jobbat de senaste veckorna.. Men just i helgen så har det äntligen varit lite lugnt! Var iväg och red idag också, så är aptrött för tillfället.

Igår besökte jag Gamex och Comic Con in Kista(höll på från tor till sön). Såg fram emot det lite i och med att de börjat med Comic Con i år, tänkte att det kanske skulle vara något liknande som originaleventet som äger rum i San Diego och New York varje år. Expot i går var sjukt magert måste jag säga. Förväntade mig fler bord och fler utställare, det hade potential för så mycket mer. 

Det va desto mer folk där. Herregud va helt slut efter bara en timme. Tyvärr så fanns det inte en chans i världen att testa spel el komma in på screenings. Köerna man va tvungen att genomlida var bara too much, så gick mest bara runt och nätverkade lite el sa hej till folk man kände. Ska man gå på Gamex nästa år så gå på en veckodag! För sen tar alla helg och stormar stället. Funtar ändå starkt på att ställa ut där själv nästa år, kanske sälja lite prints och träffa nytt folk.

Kul med alla cosplayers också! Impad av alla ambitiösa utstyrslar.
Mmm, får se om man syns lite mer där nästa år!

Var ni där i veckan? Vad tyckte ni?

- Andrea


  1. Do it! Sometimes online interactions are great and all, but have their limits. I mean, it should be extremely rewarding meeting fans of your artwork in person and handing them physical prints. Go for it and good luck!

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! :) Have you been exhibiting somewhere? Or attending expos?

    2. Actually I had the opportunity to attend the New York Comic Con last year. It was a great experience and actually even better meeting in person all these artists you like their art online. It reminds you that there are real people behind the artwork, and most of the times, they are humble regular people like everyone.
      In the same way your blog has useful posts and you seem to have a great personality, you could do the same while exhibiting and perhaps greatly inspire another struggling artist.

    3. Cool! Must've been HUGE? Probabbly ten times more people than at GAMEX here in Stockholm. I can relate you what you mentioned, I've been to CTNx 3 times(taking a sabbatical this year) and it's so much fun meeting the artists you admire. Just like you said, they're humble and mortal just like anyone else hahaha.

      Also thanks for your kind words :) I like networking and feel kinda eager to take the next step and put myself out there even more!

  2. You're beautiful woman with big heart and clear soul. I wish you good luck and inexhaustible inspiration.

  3. Sounds nice, I will not be able to be there though, and my brothers (who live in Sweden) aren't into art at all to get a free and real-time report. Have a nice weekend!

    1. Oh, you just got the post? Haha strange, must've been a glitch now when I edited it. It happened in November, wasn't much of a deal so you didn't miss anything :) Hope you had a nice Christmas!


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