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Nov 30, 2014

Hey it's the day of the cat! // Men de e ju katt-dagen idag!

persian cat

Heyyy dudes and dudettes!

Happy advent! Having a nice day filled with coziness? I've not celebrated at all HAHA. I almost missed it, I mean come on it's still November?? Instead, I've been celebrating tha international day of the cat. Giving some extra snuggles to ewok and the gremlin, my favorite little monsters.

Trying to prepare myself for next week. And I'm also thinking about ways to rip myself out of bed earlier in the morning. Sleeping is my real passion in life, and I'm szoozing it away..  Gosh wish I was a wombat. Got the worst discipline ever, I suck. Maybe I should hire someone who can ring my phone until I get up. Or makes lots of noise/plays loud music in the whole apartment, just like they like doing in in Big Brother.Jag hade blivit så jäkla förbannad...

How about you? Are you an early bird? Or a night owl?


Svenska :)

Tjenääää dude och dudettes! 

Glad advent, har ni det mysigt? Jag har inte firat alls HAHA. Förstod knappt att det va idag, de e ju fortf November?? Nännä vi firar internationella katt-dagen istället. Klappar lite extra på ewok och gremlin, mina favorit-keldjur.

Sitter typ och laddar inför nästa vecka. Och funderar över hur man lyckas slita upp själv tidigare på mornarna när typ det bästa som finns i världen, är att just sova... Seriöst jag vill va en wombat. Jag har sämsta disciplinen och bara snoozar. I femtioelva timmar. Jag suger. Borde anlita nån som ringer mig konstant tills jag går upp. Eller väsnas/spelar hög musik i hela hemmet, som de gillar at göra i Big Brother. God I would've been sooooo pissed...

Hur är ni, morgonpigga? Eller nattuglor?

- Andrea


  1. Always was an early bird, accompanied by a lack of appreciation, especially by flatmates. Gosh I need a cat to be eligible to take such photos...

    1. Oooh jealous. Even though I love sleeping, it still can feel like an unhealthy addiction haha! Wish I could fins enough motivation to get up earlier..

      Haha yes cats are the shit ;)

  2. Been a night owl until the recent two years when I realized I really enjoy the pre-dawn hours. Anyway, it led me to think that's it's probably more a matter of lifestyle than what type of person you are genetically speaking. Although I've slept more than usual during the last month, having a harder time to get up, in general I've learned that discipline increases greatly when you're doing something for your self. Like getting up just in time for work is hard but getting up a couple of hours earlier to do whatever you like is easier.

    1. I can relate to that, I had times in my life where I could raise super early, but nowadays I can sleep untill the afternoom if I have the day off :P It's probably a matter of lifestyle just like you said, and it's kinda hard for me to find something that motivates me enough. Perhaps getting an uncomfortable bed hahaha..

      What motivates you, like, what stuff do you do for yourself that makes you eager to get up?

    2. I can relate to your situation as well. Motivation is something not to be taken for granted, that's for sure. I suppose the easiest solution would be to remember the circumstances in those periods when motivation was stronger.

      Currently I'm not very eager to get up to be honest but usually I simply try to get a project going that excites me. Not sure if I have anything more specific than that.

    3. Yep true that. Gotta find something that gets those urges going again..

      I guess you need another exciting project to think about then. It's kinda same here so you're not alone.


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