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Nov 23, 2014

Wordpress, CTNx and Horses

Wehooo amigos how are you today?

My wekend has been goood.. Been chillin', baking ginger bread(yes, I'm early haha) and tried not to think about that CTNx is happening in Burbank right now. Yeah you know that awesome animation expo, the whole area transforms into this magical artist-village and everyine's there. All the studios, online friends, cool people. Ghah..

Feels like all the cool kids are there. Except me. Usually I go every year, but decided to take a sabbatical this time. Just been out of shape so to speak. But I'll book as soon as the new tickets get released(in early 2015). There's no backing ut then. I'm pumped already!

Other than that, I'm thinking about whether I should migrate this blog to Wordpress. Frankly, I'm sick of this design.. So I'm currently looking into other solutions. Too bad I suck at designing blogs. Oh well, I'll have to do some more thinking on that.

Well, time to prep myself fo ze horsies, for an hour of riding. Still pretty cool that I'm back at Ågesta, my childhood stable :)



Svenska :)

Wehoo polerz hur mår ni då? Hur är helgen so far?

Min har varit braaaa... Mest chillat, bakat pepparkakor(haha japp redan) och försökt förtränga att CTNx pågår i denna helg.  Ni vet den där magiska animationsmässan i Burbank. När hela stället förvandlas till en magisk konstnärsby och ALLA är där! Alla studios, massa roligt folk, massa nätpolare åhhh..

Oh gosh. 

Det känns som att alla coola kidz e där utom jag. Brukar va årets höjdpunkt för mig, lätt. Jag brukar ju åka varje år, men tog ett sabbatsår den här gången. Var helt enkelt inte riktigt i form. Men jag tänker boka så fort biljetterna släpps i början av nästa år! Då jeeeevlar. Redan sjukt taggad. Pepp pepp pepp...

Sen sitter jag och väger mellan wordpress och blogger. Ärligt talat trött på den här designen, så börjar glutta lite åt andra lösningar. Synd att jag suger på bloggdesign :P Ah, får läsa på lite.

Nähe nu ska jag väl göra mig iordning, ska iväg till hästera strax och rida en timme. Forft coolt att vara tillbaka på Ågesta. Mitt barndomsstall :)


- Andrea


  1. Have you considered tumblr too? I saw loish using it (http://blog.loish.net/) and it looks fine, for me at least. I find it easier to use than blogger, especially because it is easier to categorize posts and give the viewer a fast and nice overview. Unfortunately, only people who have a tumblr account can comment (which works better on blogger and wordpress for me. The messaging system is also still not very usable, it works though.

    1. Yes! I have a Tumblr actually :) I think that even got inspired by Loish, since she seemed to be s succesful there hehehe. It's a very powerful platform since it's so easy to share and like posts. But yeah just like you mentioned, you'll kinda feel like a satelite since it's harder to comment and have a discussion with people. For me, it's very important that the reader feels that he/she can contribute to the posts.

    2. Yeah, exactly my thoughts. Unfortunately you need to have an account on blogger or wordpress too, to be able to comment, am I right? But it's easier, way easier. It just seems to me, that the most people discuss my stuff on artsites instead, so I moved. I have an blogger blog still, and I keep it updated, just nothing link to is anymore.

  2. I rcently completed my blog migration from Blogger to Wordpress, so I guess I might shed some light on this subject.

    Wordpress allows importing all posts on Blogger - along with pictures and other media - in a single blow, seamlessly, with categories too. It can't import pages or visual design, you have to look for a similar template on Wordpress, or tweak one yourself to match the previos design (or create a different template anew). I chose a regular template from the Wordpress library and modified it to look like my web site.

    Wordpress by itself isn't better than Blogger in terms of visual design, that's a thing of design as an art rather than the platform. You perfectly can rework your Blogger template without migrating to Wordpress (but it requires some basic knowledge of HTML and CSS).

    What Wordpress DO offers over Blogger is a moe solid and robust dashboard and contents manager. If you are serious about content writing, archiving, and indexing, you might prefer Wordpress over Blogger.

    On the other side, if your content does not require that much, you can stay on Blogger alright, and just get / create a new template for a refreshed look.

    I tried Wordpress and compared it to Blogger before making my decision. You might want to try it, too.

    You can check my blog on Blogger / Wordpress.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time and sharing your experience with the platforms! I looked into it, but decided to stick with blogger. I managed to fix some of the broken code that I had in my template :)

      So how do you feel, will you stick to wordpress from now on?

    2. Currently I use Wordpress for my official blog, and Blogger for other sidekicks. I might move them to WP in the future, but sincerely I don't know, I feel OK like this right now.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Yes, I kinda feel the same way about the Massive Black workshops. There's tons of learning, fun meeting and chatting with people you seen online. I have only been to two of them, but they have been highly memorable. The bright side about not going to them, is that makes you realize how much you want to attend these events and it drives you to get better till then.

    1. So true! The events and people there boosts you to the max. And yeah that's exactly how I think as well. I'm gonna book the tickets as soon as they're out and then I'll do my best to turn up my art a notch. You should attend too!


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