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Dec 23, 2014

How I sketch in Photoshop // Hur jag skissar i Photoshop

Woop woop my second video is up! This was fun, but sooo time consuming GHAH D:
Hope you like.


Svensk översättning :)
Woop woop nu e andra videon uppe! Det här va ju kul :) Men helt sjukt vad tid det tar ghah! 
Hoppas ni gillar.

- Andrea


  1. Quite an interesting watch. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm on a similar mindset about the value of redoing things. It's like getting all the bad ideas out of the way first, then in retrospect make sounder decisions on what to do next.
    In particular with drawing there will be times when I get stuck on certain parts of the image but no matter how much I try to push what's already there it does not seem to do the trick. That's a good time to just erase and get a clearer perspective. Probably the issue was on a fundamental level anyway.

  2. wonderful!! thanks so much for sharing.

    have a fantastic 2015! I look forward to njoying your art:)

    1. Thanks, glad you liked it! :)

      Right back att ya, wishing you a super creative and awesome 2015! Let's do this :D


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