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Dec 6, 2014

My favorite pencil // Min favoritpenna

My favorite pencil for sketching is a MLP2 Square lid mechanical pencil(from Zebra). I absolutely adore it, and you can probably find the same model from other brands as well.

Why I think it's so awesome? It's because the lid is thick and kinda square-shaped. Like a carpenter pencil. It forces me to stay loose. I can sketch extremely fast with it and I won't get stuck with unnecessary details.  Super beneficial when playing around with ideas, poses, storyboards you name it.

I use it all the time, and it's almost as if my sketches turn out better when I use that pen.

What's your favorite tool? Give me some tips!

pencil and sphynx


Svenska :)

Jag har en stiftpenna som jag totalt avgudar. MLP2 Square lid heter den(märket Zebra). Modellen finns i fler märken. 

Varför den är så grym? Jo, stiftet är tjockt och brett, lite som en snickarpenna. Den tvingar mig att skissa grovt och snabbt, då det är väldigt svårt att pilla med detaljer. Sjukt awesome när man måste skissa fram många grovskisser, testa poser, skissa små storyboards you name it.

Jag använder den jämt, det är nästan som att skisserna blir bättre när jag använder den pennan.

 Har du något favoritgear? Tipsa!

- Andrea


  1. Actually been using those since a previous recommendation you made a while back. They are pretty fun to use :D.
    Lately, I have been enjoying a lot these Staedler mechanical pencils that I heard of from the guy of the Proko videos. Even by being mechanical, the lead has a natural feeling to it. They can be sharpened and you can shade using the sides like normal pencils. Check them out!

    1. Heh cool! Glad it was worth it haha. I'm addicted. My sketches turn out crappy if I don't use it :P

      Oooh those look neat. It's like those mars lumographpencils right? Seems soft and suuuper dark. I loved the regular pencils as a kid!

  2. My choice is any ballpoint pen I find nearby - any brand, any quality, any color. I like finding new possibilities upon how the trace comes up as I try the pen. I rarely use a pencil for sketching.

    1. Hah kinda the same, if I don't have this pencil nearby. It never hurts to mix things up a bit, so ballpoints can boost the inspiration a lot - agreed.


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