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Dec 29, 2014

Night thoughts // Natt-tankar

Inspiration in the forest

Sitting here thinking. It's currently nigh time as I'm writing this.

Daydreaming about summer again hahaha. Ahh, gotta make the best out of it again, I'm def a summer-person if I'd have to choose. Even though winter is kinda cozy too, I still miss summer and the blackbirds and all the green colours and... :c

I'm also thinking about other stuff...

Every year that's been. I'm actually never satisfied with what I accomplish. Don't get me wrong, of course I'm satisfied in terms of accomplishing many things. Proud even! But I always feel that I've been too lazy. Or distracted... Yeah distracted.  I consume too much and produce less. Simply put, too much internet when I'm supposed to do other stuff. I'm actually having a terribly hard time to focus on one task nowadays, and it's really hard to get started once I sit down to draw.

I'm a junkie when it comes to social media. A real slave to it. DAMN.

I think I need to cut some of that for real. Turn off that damn modem and have scheduled online-time. Flush my phone down the toiled or something. I mean, I'm constantly available right now. It's starting to show.

The question is how much I should cut back. How many hours per week.

What are your thoughts?
Do you feel the same way?


Svenska :)

Sitter här och tänker. I skrivande stund så ere mitt i natten. 

Dagdrömmer om sommarn igen hahaha. Ahh måste ta ännu mer tillvara när den kommer, är definitivt en sommarmänniska om jag måste välja. Även om det här också är mysigt.. Men jag saknar koltrastarna och all grönska! :c

Men funderar också på lite grejer...

Varje år. Jag är aldrig nöjd med vad jag presterar. Eller jo det är jag såklart. Stolt till och med! Men jag känner alltid att jag varit för lat. Eller typ... distraherad. Konsumerar för mkt än vad jag borde. För mkt internet helt enkelt. Har liksom skitsvårt för att fokusera på en sak nuförtiden, och det är supersvårt att komma igång med målandet när jag väl sätter mig här.

Jag är en jäkla junkie när de kommer till sociala medier! Värsta slaven. URK.

Tror jag måste börja banta på riktigt. Stänga av modemhelsiket och ha bestämda internettider. Slänga mobilen i toan el nåt. Jag är liksom ständigt uppkopplad nuförtiden. Det börjar sätta sina spår alltså.

Frågan är bara hur mkt jag ska strypa det. Hur mkt tid i veckan.

 Hur känner ni? 
Tänker ni samma sak som jag?


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I feel this way too, and try to limit my online time. I have the impression, using the internet and checking my emails or other art or social media sites is even more than a distraction, but an excuse not to paint, and avoid the feeling of anxiety. And the more I do it, the harder it gets not to feel anxious about creating art.

    I tried multiple times to go offline and it helps me focusing on art, but the day I stop doing it, it began to distract myself again slowly. Listening to podcasts actually helps me a lot now to keep focusing. And not to feel isolated as an artist. Maybe the online habits are just a symptom of a deeper issue, and the fear of doing something wrong, and not being enough, and even more so the need to connect with other artists and people.
    I always have the feeling of being too lazy too. But also because I think I learn and paint way to slow.

    The podcasts I listen to at the moment, if you are interested are:
    and non art related: http://www.dancarlin.com/hardcore-history-series/

  3. Pretty much feel the same way, except the social media part, I quit that stuff ages ago... although sadly most outside communication went with it as well. The price you pay to be different...

    Our society promotes consumption to a maddening degree so your worries are well found I would say.

    I can't really give any suggestions about how you should manage your life. You know best.
    The way I see it, generally speaking, is that principles goes before action. Abstinence only takes you so far unless you cannot see yourself going back to old habits. It's like those situations when you're halfway through a project and come up with a much better solution for something, when continuing doing things the old way is simply not an option anymore.

    Of course by "you" I mean Me because I have no idea really what goes on in other peoples heads but hopefully you can relate.

    Lovely photographs by the way. The one with the bridge almost have a dreamlike air about it.

  4. Write down a to-do list, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly, and stick to it. Be agressive when killing the lines upon completing tasks.

    Reduce your browser bookmars to what you use daily. Remove "just-in-case" bookmarks.

    Set up an internet daily routine. This will tell you easily when you are detouring from what is worthy.

    Do enjoy new web pages if they are teaching you something! :)

    1. Awesome tips, thank you! I'll be using some of these, especially the to-do list.
      It often helps if I make the list the day before, then I have the next day all planned out, ready to go :)

  5. Hej! Bra blogg du har, va duktig du är!
    Ja, man tycks aldrig hinna med allt man vill göra.. Jag känner igen mig i det du säger. Distraktioner finns precis överallt! Håller därför på att förenkla livet en aning. Mindre intressen, mer fokus, Sen använder jag också en "att-göra-lista". Och försöker disciplinera mig att beta av den osv. Det som skrivs ner där tycks bli gjort. Precis bestämda Internettider, blockera sig själv med någon parrentcontrol eller något.. Om det finns mindre som distraherar får man nog mer gjort, hård tråkig disciplin kanske också behövs. Känslan av att åstadkomma något gör det förhoppningsvis värt det.
    Kom ihåg: Vore det lätt skulle alla göra det! :)

    Internet ingår i hyran, annars skulle jag nog stänga av det för att få mer fokus.


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