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Dec 14, 2014

Take me back to summertime

sketchbook deer

Yeeah well happy third advent to you! Hope you're having a nice time.

How is it for you, are you feel the x-mas spirit yet?  I'm kinda split. Nothing beats spring and summer. Looked around in my old folders and found these images. Ghah, take me back NOW. Non now now now noooow... Sit on a bench in the forst and sketch, long summer nights, warm air and blackbirds singing. I love blackbirds. X-mas is awesome too, but you know. You always want the things you can't have ;)

Årsta skog skissbok


Svenska :)

Jaa, glad tredje advent på er! Hoppas att ni har de gött.

Har ni kommit i julstämning än? Jag själv svajar lite... Inget slår våren och sommaren. Rotade lite bland gamla foton och hittade dessa. Åh ta mig dit NU. Nununununununu. Skissa på en bänk i skogen, långa ljusa nätter, varm luft och koltrastar som sjunger. Älskar koltrastar. Julen e också mysig, men man vill ju alltid ha det man inte kan få ;)

- Andrea


  1. Åh vad mysigt det ser ut! Håller med också, jag älskar julen men inte vintern riktigt :)

    sv: Tack! Ja absolut, det känns verkligen motiverande när man ser så stor skillnad på kort tid. Tror det är så generellt också, skulle aldrig klara att ha motivation till något ifall man inte kände att det gav någon typ av utveckling som "betalning" :)

  2. I don't care much for the holidays, if at all. Just want the winter to be over and done with as soon as possible. I even keep my clothing minimal as a futile statement towards nature.
    Admittedly I do enjoy the darker hours. Daytime is always a bit depressing during winter. I think it's got something to do with the color temperature. The cooler colors and overcast makes everything look flat and dull, which is heightened by the absence of plant life. In the summer you have warmer colors, more of them overall and higher contrast making the scenery that more interesting. I guess you can only get something similar in the winter right during sunset.

    Anyway, quite a nice looking spot you had there. Judging by the light post and the road it's a park but it looks pretty close to a real deal. Was a long time ago I was in a proper forest and now I wonder why I didn't bother looking for one last summer, when I was exploring the outskirts of Malmö by bike anyway. Guess there's not much of them around here. The coast is pretty nice though. There's even a spot near The Bridge to Denmark which has almost a Mediterranean vibe to it with a white stone beach.

    Here's a question: Do you feel the seasons affect your choice of subject to draw, and if so, in what way?

    1. Ah kinda like me then hehe. I'm kinda split when it comes to darkness though, even though I miss the longer days, I also enjoy cozy lamps and lights when it's dark outside. The dull colours outside suck though. I miss all the green tones.

      Yeah it's awesome there! It's a path though a forest next to Årstaviken in Stockholm. And it's connected to a park :) Never been to Malmö but I'm sure it's really nice there as well.

      I posted your question in my latest post, hope it's ok! :) Thought it was a good one.


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