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Dec 28, 2014

How to repair your damaged paint brushes

How to repair damaged paint brushes

Here's one way how I repair my ruined or deformed brushes. You are welcome ;)


Ett av sätten som jag lagar mina halvt förstörda eller missbildade penslar på. Varsegod ;)

- Andrea


  1. Very useful tutorial :D thank u very much, i just met your work two days ago and you are very talented, one day you should come to mexico city to make a conference, have a nice day and happy new year.

    1. Glad you think so!

      Hah thanks for your kind words - I better start practicing so that I can get rid of my stage fear ;)

  2. I'll have to try it. I otherwise have been using a special soap for brushes as well.

    1. Yeah give it a try! What kind of soap do you use? I used to wash mine in soap, wrap the brushes with wet toilet paper and then let it dry with the soap still in it. But this helps straighten out the brushes even more for me!

    2. It's a product called Original B&J "The Masters" Brush Cleaner & Preserver, sold by the General Pencil Co. of Jersey City, NJ. It's sold in most art/craft stores over here, not sure if it's sold were you are or not (or if a similar product is sold).

      Here's a video review on it...

    3. Gud vad fyndigt! Detta visste jag inte! Ska absolut prova!

  3. Wow! Best tip ever! I must have spent a fortune on buying brushes all the time, but no more:) Thanks!


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