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Jan 5, 2015

Old school and Welsh ponies // Old school och Welshponnys

Horse sketch

Ha. I've drawn a horse today. I'm so old school! And rusty?! Oh dear.

Got the urge while I was scrolling my insta-feed, so I just had to find my old drawing gear and get it out of my system. Oh the coziness. I can't believe that I actually did this back in the days. I only worked in traditional media like graphite, oils, watercolours, acrylics you name it. I've almost forgot how awesome it is, to only rely on pen and paper.
Borrowed a pic from the skilled Anna Attlid. Must be the damn sweetest litttle welsh pony ever. I absolutely ADORE grey welsh ponies, I could look at them for hours. Cutiepies.

Here's how I started le sketch:

horse sketch

It's a lot easier to start sketching with really broad and loose strokes. Earlier, I always tended to start with drawing way too fine lines, which made it a lot harder for me. I gues Photoshop has tought me one thing and another after all ;) I can use the same approach.

Hope I can draw some more tomorrow. 

So how was your day?



Ha. Idag har jag ritat en häst. Blyerts och old school dessutom! Men hej ringrostighet?!

Fick sånt sug när jag scrollade mitt instaflöde tidigare idag så det blev till att rota fram mina gamla goda blyertspennor och tillbehör. Åh mys. Tänk att det fanns en tid då jag bara ritade och målade traditionellt, dvs inget digitalt. Bara blyerts, akvarell, olja, akryl you name it. Hade nästan glömt hur mysigt det är att dona med papper och penna :)

Lånade ett foto som skillade Anna Attlid plåtat. Måste va den sötaste lilla jäkla sockerhästen ever. Jag fullkomligt ÄLSKAR vita små welshponnys, kan titta på de i timmar. Åh sötnötter.

Slänger upp en bild på hur jag började med skissen också. För mig så e det mkt lättare att skissa med breda, lösa linjer. Brukade tendera att skissa alldeles för fint förr, och då var det mkt svårare för mig. Antar att jag har lärt mig ett och annat tack vare Photoshop också ;) Jag kan använda samma approach.

Hoppas jag hinner rita lite mer imorgon. 

Så hur har din dag varit då? 


  1. Jag är fin, tack so mycket.. to use my rusty swedish again. My brothers always have a saying about german 'du meinst Pferd aber sagst Gaul' - you mean horses but say hack. It always reminded me on the swedish 'hest' (hope it's right). Did you used an 8b for the eyes?

    And do you have experience with Elance?

    1. Det låter ju bra! :)
      Oh, what does that mean? Is it some sort of a proverb?

      It's spelled "Häst", but hest is fine since you don't have the letter "ä" hehe. Unless you refer to Snel hest. There's this inside joke online called "Jak er Snel Hest". Kinda like a parody in German and Swedish merged together ;)

      Link: https://cdn3.cdnme.se/cdn/7-2/1940718/images/2010/sh1_88520026.jpg

      It kinda says: "I am a kind horse"

      Horsemath: Oats + Tap + Snel hest = Klad Hest (Happy horse)

      Really strange I know :D But we all refer to it hahahaha. ;aybe you already know about it?

    2. By the way - haven't heard of Elance before. But it sounds kinda scary? What if the clients rate you really low because of some disagreements or so? Do you have experience with it?

    3. And for the eyes and nostrils: I used 6b and some ink :)

    4. Oh, I wasn't sure how to spell it. The ä is also common in german. I even have the å here, because I created a custom layout, which is a mix of the german and swedish layout. Because it's easier to write english with it, and it freaks people out xD

      And yes it is a proverb, kinda like a joke about the german language. But as you say it.. only my brother say it.. mhm.

      Yes, I knew elance already (if you were refering to it), it's my only source of income, but not steady or decent etc. I was curious if you have made better experiences with it. My current rate is about 100KR/h and I rarely can get anything at all.

      Ah! I was wondering how you got them so dark.

  2. DUBBELWOW vilken talang du har :) jag passar på att önska dig ett gott nytt år med massa spännande äventyr.

    Ny post ute...Romantiskt badrum till budgetpris :)

    ha en kanonvecka

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - inredning it's, Swedish for decor :)

    1. Men tack, va snäll du är! :D God fortsättning, och lycka till med inredningen!


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