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Feb 26, 2016

Does technique kill imagination?

Have you ever felt this way? That you come to a point where you're realizing that you've.. Kinda lost your ideas?

A couple of years ago, I started to feel that I've started to forget why I'm creating. I just kept making art without any specific reason, other than trying to nail that perfect shape or brush stroke. I never intended to tell a story or reveal something about myself. I know that I am so much more! I shouldn't just focus on technique itself. I need to start communicating through my art again. I've lost that ability along the way. Then you start losing yourself as well, and you'll only have empty shallow images left, that won't actually tell you a thing.

Gah, I wanna go back to when i was a kid. I used to come make up stories so easily, and spontaneously! Sit and scribble while I mumbled quietly for myself, making up dialogues between my characters. Even though it didn't make much sense, I was still actually expressing something, and I was telling a story.

But sadly, technique kills imagination.  Damn it, why haven't anyone told me this before?

I know it's so much easier said than done... But this year, I really wanna find that spontaneous childish part of me. My own stories, not just empty pretty shells. To post things that will make you care. I want you to react, and feel something.

How does the masters do? The one who can truly move you?
I think that I make things harder than it has to be.

// Andrea


Har inte du känt så nån gång? Att du kommer till en punkt i ditt skapande där du märkt att du.. Tappat dina idéer?

Började för några år sen känna att jag började förlora greppet om det. Jag skapade utan att riktigt säga nåt om mig själv. Min historia, tankar, åsikter. Jag e ju så mkt mer, jag borde inte bara jaga vackra brushstrokes, design och färger. Måste börja tala med konsten. Har liksom tappat bort de på vägen. Man tappar bort sig själv och kvar blir bara ytliga bilder, som inte säger ett skit egentligen.

Åh jag vill tillbaka till när man va liten. Jag brukade spontant komma på historier och mumla påhittade dialoger tyst för mig själv mellan karaktärerna som jag ritade. Inlevelse! Jag utryckte mig!

Men teknik tycks döda fantasi. Fan också, varför har ingen sagt nåt?

Det är mycket lättare sagt än gjort.. men i år så vill jag verkligen posta mer saker som får dig att bry dig. Du ska reagera, och du ska må. Inte bara vackra, tomma skal.

Hur gör folk levererar tunga budskap med sina alster?
Jag tror jag gör det krångligare än vad det behöver vara.

 // Andrea


  1. I know this feeling all to well. I actually went ( and am still going through ) a similar struggle. A few years ago, I had the same feeling. I was just painting for work, and slowly lost interest in doing art aside from that. Combined with other problems in life and an ever decreasing rate of progress I started thinking: why am I doing this?, what for? To put it bluntly, I was about to throw everything down. I didn't even remember why I wanted to paint and draw in the first place. But luckylie I am sometimes a bullheaded fellow and.. kept going. Then A few good things happened. I started doing livestreams from time to time, talking along while painting.. and started telling stories about the image. In most cases it was just an impromptu story I made up as I went but it just came naturally... and that was so much fun to do. At that time I felt a long forgotten joy while painting and I realised, this is it! Thats why I drew in the first place! Just as you feel right now, I felt exactly what was missing. That was the turning point. I slowly woke that childish part of me, started to know myself again. That process is still going and I often have little setbacks. But I know at last why I do art, and why I love it. In order to fix a problem, you first have to know it. You now know what that problem is for you, so the road to fixing it, has already begun! Ah, One thing I should also mention before I end this.. rather long comment: Seeing other artists work helped me a great deal in overcoming the first hurdels. One of them was and still is you. It might not feel the same to you right now, but a lot of your art has that starting point of a story. To me, many of them kickstart the gears in my brain and I start to see where their story could be going. So I dearly hope, that you will find your way again!. As you mentioned yourself, It's said easier then done, but it can be done. You made the first step right here :)

    1. Ahh thanks for this comment Marcel!

      I can relate so much to what you're describing, I could've said that! I guess it's just a matter of keep going, and I guess I myself, still needs to take some things slowly hah. So much easier said than done.

      Thank you so much for your kind words <3

  2. I haven’t got the answers, but here’s my 2 cents…

    I don't think good technique kills creativity, but I think that if you focus on being too precise then you are less likely to have those "happy accidents". And those can lead to unexpectedly fun elements of a piece, and a more exciting process.

    Another thing you say is that you like to communicate through your work. All of your stuff is so joyous, but if you’re feeling sad, frustrated or lost then maybe you could do a piece to communicate that? – It’ll probably make you happy again and then you can tackle the happy drawings! Haha.

    Anyway, it’s always a pleasure looking through here. Keep up the lovely work.

    1. Thanks for this!

      Good points, and that's actually true. I should draw some more serious stuff too. Maybe that's my problem, that all the joyus art has felt a bit like lying? Haha. Although i love that too.

      My main problem is that I easily stick to my comfort zone, and all the cute animals distracts me from the actual stories that I wanna share :)

      Thanks for your kind words!

  3. Ibland behövs det bara att man blir medveten om det för att något ska ändras. Tror man dras med bara och lämnar något bakom sig. Först när man stannar upp märker man att man saknar det man lämnade. //Kram Mirella

    1. Ja, så är det nog! Man saknar inte kon förän båset är tomt.

  4. Technique - love it, embrace it, and say thank you before breaking up. She won't get offended.

    I loved the illustration.

  5. I agree - you strive to compete against amazing artists by improving technique and being more organised and efficient. But that slowly reduces your real advantage - the ideas. I've written words like Chaos, Unpredicatable and Random written around my walls to help that. Also, try just scribbling. Don't worry about perspective, linework, anything, just the idea.

    If you're ever in England let me know!


    1. Yes exactly! Oh, where can I read those texts?

      Oh yes, I lobe scribbling. I use my sketchbooks as sandboxes where I jot down notes and tiny scribbles, experimenting rather than maintaining that "pretty sketchbook" image.

      Hah I was actually in London last week. Do you live there? I may go back sometime soon.

  6. They're just the words, they're not books or anything. Just a reminder not to get too organized!

    Also give yourself time just to think and daydream, especially when you don't have projects or clients needing work - when I've freelanced before it's always last-minute and stressful! Some people meditate, although I don't think I could sit still for that long!

    I'm about 2 hours from London, hope you had fun. Let me know next time and we'll go for coffee.


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