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Mar 17, 2016

Changes are coming

Hey thanks guys for the previous comments on my previous posts! You're the best.

Apoo. I'm still feeling better and better for every week, and I can actually barely understand that I was on the bottom only a year ago. So strange how things can turn around like that.


How are things at your end? Good?

I'm really well!  I'm still inspired and feel the urge to draw almost every day now and it feels AWESOME. Been enjoying playing with ink lately, as you can see on my pics above reposted from Instapoop.

Speaking of poop. I'm thinking of leaving both Instagram and Facebook.
To be honest I really loved it and I'm such a social media junkie, but it's starting to eat me up. I've realized that I consume waaay to much crap when I should direct my energy elsewhere. Also, now that the algorithms have changed on both platforms, it gets harder and harder to reach out to everyone. I dunno it's just really disappointing. I've put so much work into reaching out to people, and now I actually need to PAY in order for my followers to see my content in their feeds. So much hard work for so little. Plus, I miss out on so many people that I follow. I only see a few everyday, and that's probably because the rest is filtered out.

Nah, alright I'm done ranting. Still trying to get used to me being more transparent, haha. Haven't found the right balance yet ;)


I think, that I'll stick to Tumblr, Behance and Youtube from now on. Would you hate me if  I did this? Would you miss blogspot if I abandoned it? I'm only considering this right now. I know that there's something I need to give up, and I definitely need to stop consuming and start producing more. And also start LIVING. Otherwise there's nothing to talk about and no stories to tell. I'm addicted to my phone. Dude, if you could see me during the day, I can't stop checking my apps, I do it every minute. Not kidding, it's almost become an OCD. Somebody will die if I don't check my phone.

Haha, allright I'm out for now.

See you sooon! Love ya all, thanks so much for sticking around, I can't say this enough.

// Andrea


  1. It can help to organize people on FB into groups, because these groups aren't filtered in the same way. Blogspot is fine for text stuff and it is nice to get an email notification, but Tumblr works for me too.
    Maybe you can put your phone out of sight to help this habit too ;) It works for me.

    1. Ah interesting! I'll look into that.

      Really? Do you get e-mail notifications when there are new posts?

      Haha yup started doing that. I usually have it in the pocket of my coat at the closet. I keep reaching for the phone on my desk that's not there anymore hahaha.

  2. One thing I like about Blogspot is the ability to comment without being a member, like I'm doing now. :)

    1. Yeah you've got a point. I really love the interaction on blogspot, and it's so easy to chip in with opinionws in a discussion!

  3. I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! And I completely understand you on Facebook – I left that energy-draining, algorithm-driven, shallow popularity contest many years ago. :3

    I hope you will stay on Blogspot, simply because it's easier and more convenient to leave and read comments here than on Tumblr. But Tumblr is great for quick posts and for getting shared a lot, which is important too.

    1. You did a wise move haha. I agree, it's very energy-draining and it steals your time while you could've done something more meaningful in real life.

      That's true, I would miss the ability to comment.. Hmm. And I love the discussions we can get going! Maybe I can keep Blogspot, Tumblr, Behance, and Youtube then haha. Perhaps I can make some sort of combo with blogspot and Tumblr... Ahh I still need to think this over :)

  4. I think facebook is shitty as I previously told you on actual facebook haha! I prefer blogger because you can see people are finding your stuff, if I type in your name to google your blog comes up. Personally with Tumblr I feel you HAVE to have an account to look at stuff because they keep telling you to get it and I am like, nah I am not getting ANOTHER thing! Are you on artstation? I am on Instagram, Twitter, Blogger, Artstation and Facebook. I find it's doable but I get obsessed looking too, oh and I also use Linkedin because every professional person is on there that I want to see my work :) short story- you are not alone!

    1. Hm yeah it has def been pff-putting lately... Such a shame :( Ah right, that's probably since my domain name is connected to it! Maybe that's why it shows up. And what you mentioned about Tumblr is actually true as well. I dislike communities where they force you to sign up in order to see all the content. No, I don't have Artstation actually, it would be too much for me to maintain, I lurk around there sometimes but it reminds me too much about CGHub, which I also left eventuelly :P But I do use LInkedin! I don't use it that frequently, other than accepting invites haha. And I'm a lot more selective there, I tend not to accept people I don't know in person. Just to keep things extremely professional. Thanks for sharing and thanks for coming with suggestions! Feels good not to be alone haha. I know how addictive all the social media platforms can get, we gotta fight it!!

  5. This blogg is the only way I´m following you, hope you keep it up. Like your work. There are too many social media "gadgets" in my humble opionion, cant keep up with them. I do like blogs still though. RSS feed is a good thing too know when a new post is available.
    From time to time I´m also fighting the social media thing (or just say the Internet and other light entertainment).
    I should be producing right now I guess.. :)

    1. Thaks for your kind words and for following! And I agree, it's easy nowadays to get lost in the noise from all the platforms :) And touché, instead of working I'm here checking my comments! No discipline what so ever :p Wishing you a more productive day!


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