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Mar 27, 2016

Easter, Kamratposten and sheep

Heeey everyone!

First of all - Happy belated Easter!

Are you having a nice time? I've been away, on the countryside during the holidays, had a very well needed rest. I'm a little hermit from time to time, so it's awesome to get away and stay disconnected from the rest of the world for a while, and just do nothing other than eating sleeping and be around cute animals. Had the privilege to meet sheep, dogs, cats and a bunny, yaaay! Seriously, I absolutely ADORE animals. I'll never grow out of them, neverrr.

Speaking of animals, here's a quite recent illustration I've made for the latest issue of Kamratposten. Really enjoyed painting this one for obvious reason - who doesn't love puppies?(If you don't, then we need to talk....)

Hmm what else?

Oh, I'm still setting up my new blog, and I'm still so excited about it!(oh and sorry about the mess on this blog.... The servers have move so I erased a lot of files, since I'm gonna move to Wordpress.) I need to create some descent content and graphics to make it feel inviting. It has to be this genuinly nie, and user-friendly site to browse through. Something that I would read myself. It needs to be hot hot HOT!

Hope I can make it justice. Hope I can make YOU justice.

- Andrea


  1. A happy belated easter to you too! I used the Holidays to visit family and go out hiking in the countyside. I especially like to do nightly hikes in the forrest.. and it was about time I got to do that again! Other than that.. mostly personal work etc... On the puppy Situation.. well... I am more of a catperson... but puppies are all right too.. ( I hope I survive this!)

    1. Souds like you had a awesome easter!(sorry for the later reply haha). Where do you live? Oh I love the forest too, cant wait till everything turns green over here!

      Tell you what, I'm actually more of a cat person too.. :P Can't believe that I used to hate cats many years ago, but that has totally taken a turn since we got Rosso! But I definitely want to have a puppy someday too :D

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